Apple to make changes to App Store Today tab ads

Ads in the Today section will be more compact and fully visible without having to scroll further.

Currently, the ads in the aforementioned tab appear as a full-height card and is only viewable after the user scrolls past the first ad spot. Starting in July, the ads will adopt a new and more compact format, along with the app’s name, subtitle, icon, and a ‘get’ link for download. Part of the new ad format requirement is that the iPhone should be running iOS 16.4 or newer. The Today tab will not be visible on devices running iOS 16.3 and below.


Apple said that the removal of custom graphics makes approving ads easier and quicker. The compact size allows the ad to stand out more compared to the unsponsored ones in the same section, which should bode well for App Store users and advertisers alike. Apple started showing ads on the Today tab in October last year.