‘Apple Together’ group planning Walk-Out on December 24

A group composed of Apple corporate, AppleCare and Apple Store employees are organizing a walkout during the holidays in an effort to establish better working conditions via a Twitter post.

Apple Together’ is planning a walkout on December 24 to air their grievances over harassment, sexism and workplace conditions at Apple. The group is made up of ‘Apple workers in retail corporate and AppleCare’, and aims to change the Cupertino-based company for the better.

Apple Together

The exact number of employees who will be observing the event is unknown, but it’s worthy to note that the group is the same one that used the #AppleToo. Apple Together requests that consumers avoid shopping online or in stores so Apple could uphold its image.

The group has also created a website and a Discord channel so employees could organize or vent out their frustrations. On Medium, Apple Together is accepting #AppleToo stories as well.