Apple Trade-In program adds four LG mobile devices

Apple has recently added four LG smartphones to its trade-in program in an effort to entice customers to upgrade to an iPhone.

LG is set to leave the smartphone market, and Apple has quietly added four LG mobile models, namely the V60 ThinQ 5G, V50 ThinQ 5G, V40 ThinQ and the G8 ThinQ. Discount for trading in these phones amount to $180, $125, $65 and $70, respectively.

Apple Trade-In

Apple has also added a few Google and Samsung smartphone models, each with its corresponding trade-in value. The devices must be inspected to ascertain its true trade value.

Trading in is possible by mailing the device to Apple, then waiting for the response. Devices that are not on the list won’t be eligible for trade-in but Apple will be recycling the device for free.

The Apple trade-in program reduces the cost of a new iPhone to entice customers to switch their current smartphones to a new one.