Apple TV Plus: A $9 billion business

Apple has seen tremendous success with its music streaming service Apple Music. The thing that helped the company quickly enter the market and make a huge dent was the money. Spotify struggled to enter markets like India for a very long time and even today, Spotify in India does not offer the full catalogue because of its strained relations with major record labels.

On the other hand, Apple is quick to solve its troubles with record labels either by paying handsomely or reaching an agreement which profits both. The company can survive even if its music streaming service does not bring any profit instantly whereas Spotify only has music streaming under its belt.

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Its showtime!

On November 1st, the Cupertino based company is scheduled to release Apple TV Plus, its new entrant in the services business. Analysts at Morgan Stanley expect Apple TV Plus to be a $9 billion business by the year 2025. At launch, it will reportedly offer a limited number of shows as the company is not partnering with any other show makers to add old content to its catalogue. However, the company is betting on the famous breed of film makers and TV show makers to create the best of the best content for its service.

Apple TV Plus will cost $4.99 per month which is cheap compared to Netflix, HBO, and many other services. However, it does not have the huge catalogue its competitors have. To sweeten the deal, Apple has started bundling Apple TV Plus free for one year with new purchases of iPhones, Macs, iPads, and iPod Touch.

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Interestingly, Apple TV Plus costs just $1.40 (USD) in India. It appears as if Apple is committed to winning over Indians with its budget oriented services. The company also reduced the price of its Apple Music individual, family, and student plans when Spotify released in the county.