Apple TV Plus should be available on Android and SMART TVs

Apple launched its streaming service on the 1st of November. The company is entering a market which is already full of competitors fighting to grab the biggest share and it is to grow even more as major content makers like HBO are to enter the game as soon as next year.

Disney also launched its streaming service named Disney Plus, however the rollout is not as widespread as Apple’s. Disney’s streaming service is available in only a few markets at the moment whereas Apple TV Plus was made available in over 100 countries and regions at launch.

No love for Android?

However, Disney Plus will be available on more platforms compared to Apple TV Plus. Disney Plus can be accessed on Android devices whereas Apple TV Plus is not available on Android. While Apple TV Plus can be accessed on Android using the web version of Apple TV Plus, its does not offer the best experience and can be glitchy.

Also, Apple TV Plus is not being rolled out to many TVs either. Apple is working on bringing their TV Plus app to multiple platforms but its not eyeing all the platforms like Netflix, Amazon or even Disney do. For example, Netflix is available on Samsung SMART TVs which were released in 2014 and the same can be said about Amazon Prime Video.

At present, the best way to stream Apple TV Plus content is by using an Apple device. However, if Apple is planning to be a serious player in the services market, it is important for the company to not focus its efforts only on its products but also on other platforms.

Apple TV Plus app should be available on Android and many SMART TVs. Apple is certainly working on bringing some good content in the future. Some Apple TV Plus shows have already received positive reviews.

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