Apple TV subscribers could bounce to 100 Million if Apple buy Netflix or others ‘Transformative’ content creators


If a market analysis firm is correct, Apple’s streaming TV service will be a very powerful force on the market. The service being developed by the Tech Giant Apple could attract far more subscribers in a few years than some of its established rivals.

Apple TV and Netflix

While Apple has remained silent about their ambitions in this area, for a long time it has quietly acquired the rights to television shows. It has lately paid for producing plenty. And at a forthcoming press event on March 25 called “It’s show time,” the company is expected to finally unveil its plan.

100 million Apple TV subscribers

“If Apple executes with minimal speed bumps and aggressively acquires content given the company’s massive installed base and unmatched brand loyalty we believe reaching 100 million subs in the medium term (3 to 5 years) is a realistic goal,” prophesies Wedbush’s analysts.

That would put Hulu, which has only 25 million subscribers, quite ahead of this streaming video service. And Apple TV would become Amazon Prime’s rival. Although Apple wouldn’t be at the peak of the market; this credit goes to Netflix, which at the end of last year had 139 million subscribers.

While Apple already has plenty of TV shows in production, it faces challenging competition.

“The company is definitely playing from behind the eight ball in this content arms race with Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Hulu, and AT&T/Time Warner all going after this next consumer frontier investing significantly more dollars ($20 billion combined and counting per annum) on content” suggests Wedbush.

The experts followed the voices calling on Apple to take possession of a company that already has a vast content collection. It recommends Apple acquiring Netflix or a24, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, CBS / Viacom or MGM, a move that calls “acquisition of transformative content.”

The analysts have joined the voices urging Apple to acquire a company that already has a large collection of content. It suggests Apple buy Netflix or a24, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, CBS/Viacom or MGM, a move it term as “transformative content acquisition.”

Apple has whopping 245 billion in cash to fund such a gigantic acquisition.


Naveed Ahmed

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