’12 Angry Men… and Women’ Play will Stream Free via Apple TV


A stage play recorded by Billie Holiday Theater at the Apple Park Steve Jobs Theater titled ’12 Angry Men… and Women’ will stream exclusively on the Apple TV app. 

Apple TV

The theatrical film has the subtitle ‘The Weight of the Wait’ and features writings from the critically acclaimed book in 2012 about racial profiling. It focuses on unfair police action, such as violence and intimidation issues against black men. Though there has been a similarly titled show on YouTube by the same production company, this release is said to be original with the inclusion of stories that cover Black Lives Matter and Breonna Taylor killing. 

It is also the first time a theatrical group was allowed by Apple in the Steve Jobs Theater for recording. The show can be viewed for free over a period of four weeks, from Friday, Mar 26 to Apr 22 and can be accessed via the app without a subscription. 

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