A singalong version of Apple TV+ ‘Stillwater’ theme song is now available

Apple has uploaded a singalong video of the main theme song for ‘Stillwater’, an animated series on the Apple TV+.

The official video is about two and a half minutes in length and shows scenes taken directly from the show. The lyrics, shown karaoke-style are displayed at the bottom while the full song, titled ‘Never Ending Dream’ accompanies the video.

The video was released on YouTube the same time ‘Stillwater’ launched on Apple TV+. Subscribers can now watch up six episodes in the series. ‘Stillwater’ is about helping young ones manage their emotions and is based on Jon J Muth’s book series ‘Zen Shorts’.

The show’s panda character is named Stillwater and teaches the children Michael, Addy and Karl what they can do when faced with an unexpected problem or when they get annoyed or upset.

Scholastic Entertainment and Gaumont are the producers of ‘Stillwater’ and available to watch with an Apple TV+ subscription.

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