Air Canada will start streaming Apple TV+

Air Canada announced that its fleet will start streaming Apple TV+ shows on its in-flight entertainment systems.

Apple TV+ content are already on American Airline. Recently, Apple signed a deal with Canel+ service that allows its shows to be in the programming as well. Now, starting August 1, Air Canada will have the same access to original films and shows. Air Canada Managing Director of Product Design John Moody said that the company constantly explores opportunities to expand their entertainment, which so happens to be Apple TV+.

Air Canada

Moody further said that Air Canada ‘looks forward’ to onboard customers catching up on their favorite shows or discovering new hits in-flight. The new partnership, Moody claims, has put them on track to improve entertainment content from last year.

Air Canada is also offering free two months of Apple TV+ to both existing and new Apple subscribers. The airline company promises more entertainment options before the end of 2023.