Anthology series ‘Extrapolations’ to arrive on Apple TV+

Apple has recently secured rights to ‘Extrapolations’, a set of connected shows with climate change as the main topic. It will be shown on the Apple TV+ platform with Scott Burns acting as the executive producer, director and writer.

‘Extrapolations’ tells the story of how planetary changes can affect human beings on a ‘human and personal scale’ in terms of family, work, faith and love. The series will feature 10 episodes.

Burns says his aim with ‘Extrapolations’ is to use mystery, comedy, drama and other genres instead of science to tell how the climate will change in the upcoming years.

Burns is known for his other climate change documentaries ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and its sequel, ‘The Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’. His name is attached to movies ‘The Laundromat’, ‘Side Effects’ and ‘Contagion’.

Apple TV+ is Apple’s streaming service and costs $4.99 a month, featuring original content such as ‘Defending Jacob’, ‘For All Mankind’, ‘Truth Be Told’ and more.

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