Apple intends to put more feature-length films in their Apple TV+ library after Greyhound’s overwhelming success.

Apple Aiming for More Blockbuster-Style Content After Greyhound

Several sources have claimed that Apple will be preparing at least a dozen titles per year, four of which should ‘compare’ with Greyhound in terms of scale. Also, there are reports that Apple has been looking in Hollywood for possible projects.

‘Greyhound’ is about a new captain who undertook a dangerous mission in the World War II theatre. It features Tom Hanks as the lead character and was proclaimed a box office hit. It’s worthy to note that 30 percent of those who watched the movie were new subscribers.

Apple TV+ started out with exclusive content such as ‘Dickinson’, ‘The Morning Show’, ‘See’ and ‘Servant’ to bring in followers. It also had film content like ‘Hala’ to bring a different audience.

The corona virus pandemic may allow Apple to pick up several movies that won’t be shown in traditional theaters. However, it should fit in the highly curated catalog as is Apple’s practice.


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