Apple extends Apple TV 4K promo in the US and other regions

Apple TV 4K buyers can receive a gift card with every purchase of the device in the US and other regions.

The Apple online store was offline for about a day, and when it came back online the Apple TV 4K promotion has been extended in date and to other countries, including Australia, the UK and more. Those interested can get an Apple TV 4K unit and get a $50 Apple Gift Card. Each buyer is limited to only two units.

Apple TV 4K

Along with the online website update is an extension of the Apple TV 4K promo, which now has an end date of August 15 this year. It’s worth noting that the $50 gift card deal works the same way internationally, with only small variations in currency and deadline. In the US, the last day is on August 15 while in Australia the deadline is until August 16.

The deal is available to view on Apple’s official website.