Apple gets four AARP Nominations for 2020 best movies for Grownups Awards


Apple TV+ has recently received four AARP nominations for its 2020 Best Movies for Grownup Awards, notably ‘Ted Lasso’, ‘The Morning Show’ and ‘On the Rocks’.

Apple TV+

The AARP Best Movies for Grownups Awards highlights content that have actors and actresses aged 50 and above, or those that appeal to the 50-plus demographic.

The AARP website lists the category as ‘made by and for grownups’ and aims to challenge ageism by encouraging film production to cater to older viewers.

The winners will be announced on ‘Great Performances’ March 28 and broadcast on PBS. Local listings will dictate the time when it will start.

Apple has four nominations on categories Best Supporting Actor (Bill Murray in ‘On the Rocks’, Best Actress for TV or Streaming (Jennifer Aniston in ‘The Morning Show’), Best Intergenerational Film (‘On the Rocks’) and Best Series (‘Ted Lasso’).

Apple TV+ costs $4.99 a month and features original Apple content such as ‘The Peanuts Show’, ‘Servant’ and ‘Dickinson’.

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