Apple greenlights Playtone to produce more Apple TV+ content


Apple has recently agreed to a collaboration with Playtone to produce more video content for its Apple TV+ platform.

Playtone on Apple TV+

Playtone is a production company helmed by Gary Goetzman and Tom Hanks. The deal involves several projects with an aim to create for a global audience and might include various types such as unscripted, documentaries and original films.

It’s worth noting that Playtone is set to produce a sequel to the highly successful Apple TV+ original film ‘Greyhound’. The movie has had many Oscar nominations and allowed Apple to create similar blockbuster films.

Playtone is already involved in the production of ‘Masters of the Air’ which tells the story of Allied pilots fighting in the WW2 theater. ‘Masters of the Air’ is the sequel to HBO’s ‘Band of Brothers’ and will have Steven Spielberg as the executive producer alongside Goetzman and Hanks.

Apple TV+ costs $4.99 a month and features original content such as ‘See’ and ‘Ted Lasso’.

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