Apple includes tvOS Events App in Apple TV


Ahead of Monday’s WWDC Event Apple is trying to ensure that the maximum number of users from across the globe attend the virtual event this year. Apple already added the Apple Developer App on Mac so that the users can watch the event on their Mac devices.

Apple TV

Today Apple incorporated the “Apple Events” app on tvOS in the Apple TV App. It is where the users can watch the WWDC Keynote Event.

Apple makes the announcement that reads:

“Apple Events is now part of the Apple TV App. Watch the live stream of the latest Apple Special Events and watch past announcements. Open the Apple TV App”

Apple includes tvOS Events App in Apple TV

When the users search for the Events app in the tvOS App Store they will now find it there. It is not only the WWDC that will be available on the Events App, but also all the future special events that Apple will host.

Now the Apple users can watch the events live on their Apple TV using the Apple TV App. Apple also makes the live stream of the event available to other smart TVs (non-Apple devices) that have access to the Apple TV app.

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