Apple lowers its Apple TV+ streaming quality in Europe alongside Netflix and YouTube


Apple lowers its Apple TV+ streaming quality in Europe. Earlier European Union asked the streaming services to lower the quality of streaming to ensure that people who are working from home do not feel the strain in the broadband. EU requested Netflix and YouTube, and now they have reduced their streaming quality in Europe. 

Apple TV+

As compared to the other streaming services, Apple’s streaming quality is described as “particularly aggressive.” It is the same quality that you can expect from a streaming service that uses 3G. 

All Apple TV+ content is available in HD and 4K. However, now the customers in Europe are getting video streams with resolutions as low as 670 pixels tall. The lower quality makes degradation very much visible. As many people have large 40-inch screens at their homes, they see the video streams appear heavily compressed.

Apple timeline to reduce the streaming quality is not clear. Also, currently, the low-quality streaming services are for only the European customers and not any other country. So, lower streaming rates do not affect the United States and other countries. According to the news, Netflix has plans to reduce the streaming quality for the next 30 days.


Samantha Wiley

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