Apple releases Stillwater: mind, music and movement episode as part of collaboration with Calm

Calm, a meditation app recently released guided sessions featuring Stillwater, a character in one of the shows of Apple TV+.

‘Children’s Guided Meditations’ is the result of a partnership among Rob Hoegee, Stillwater’s executive producer, Tamara Levitt, Calm’s Head of Mindfulness, Malika Chopra, a mindfulness expert and James Sie, who voices the character.

Apple Releases Stillwater

‘Windchimes’ was created with kindness in mind, ‘Stargazing’ is a night time meditation and ‘Rainy Day’ teaches kids to focus on rainfall and manage disappointment.

In line with the guided sessions Apple has released a special episode for its Stillwater series, which includes a mindfulness moment by Stillwater, a short introduction by Chopra, guided movement and breathing by Jessica Skye, Apple Fitness+ trainer and an interactive music session by Toby Chu and Kishi Bashi.

Calm can be downloaded for free at the App Store. Stillwater is an Apple TV+ series that’s available to view on any compatible iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac.