Apple rolls out new ‘Mr. Corman’ Apple TV+ series trailer


Apple has recently uploaded a new trailer video for its upcoming drama-comedy series, ‘Mr. Corman’.

Mr. Corman

‘Mr. Corman’ tells the story of a 5th grade teacher who struggles with self-doubt, anxiety and loneliness. In the trailer, we see that his friend from high school has moved in, his ex-fiancee has left and he wasn’t successful with his dream of becoming a musician.

The drama comedy series is slated for 10 episodes and debuts August 6 this year. Joseph Gordon Levitt, known for his work in ‘Inception’ and ‘500 Days of Summer’ will be playing Mr. Corman. Other notable actors and actresses include Jamie Chung, Arturo Castro, Juno Temple, Debra Winger, Alexander Jo, Shannon Woodward, Bobby Hall and Hector Hernandez.

The trailer video of ‘Mr Corman’ is available to watch on the official Apple TV+ channel. It will join other comedy series in Apple TV+, including ‘Physical’, ‘Mythic Quest’ and ‘Ted Lasso’.

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