Apple to stream first episode of ‘Foundation’ for free

The first episode of the sci-fi epic series ‘Foundation’ is available to watch for free on Monday.

Apple is promoting ‘Foundation’ by making its first episode free for non-subscribers. A YouTube stream will go live on Monday, followed by a Q&A session afterward. ‘The Emperor’s Peace’ can be watched on YouTube, while the Q&A will be headed by David S. Goyer, the showrunner and executive producer. The move follows a similar promotion where the first episode of ‘Silo’ was uploaded on Twitter to promote the series’ finale.


‘Foundation’ is an adaptation of the book of the same name authored by Isaac Asimov. It tells the story of exiles trying to save humanity after the fall of its galactic empire. The cast of ‘Foundation’ include Lee Pace, Jared Harris, Leah Harvey, Lou Llobell, Cassian Bilton, Terrence Mann, and Laura Birn.

Apple TV+ costs $6.99 a month and features original content.