Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO recently announced that the Apple TV+ streaming app will be available on its XClass TV, Flex and Xfinity X1 platforms. Meanwhile, Comcast’s Stream app will be appearing on Apple TV streaming devices.

Apple TV+

Comcast will be adopting the Apple TV app with users gaining access to it natively. During the company’s Q3 earnings call and through a Comcast representative, it was said that Apple’s app will be launched ‘in the coming months’.

Xfinity X1 subscribers should be able to see the app, and those who own any of the XClass TV smart TVs will be able to access Apple TV+ from the get-go. It will join other apps and channels that appear on the Apple TV 4K.

Integration details are yet to be disclosed. Apple TV+ will be available via subscription, which is similar to HBO, CBS and others. However, the exact date of launch is not yet specified.


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