Apple TV app experiences content glitch


The Apple TV app is experiencing a no sound glitch where users rent or purchase movies and hear no audio during playback.

Apple TV App

The problem is reported to be occurring mostly on tvOS, third party streaming boxes and smart TVs. This has been happening since the start of July but the glitch is random, and not all users are experiencing the ‘no sound’ problem.

It’s rumored that the glitch activates whenever a DRM copy protection presents itself- the TV app won’t decode the soundtrack even when the movie or content is purchased legally in-app.

Apple support has been a mixed bag as well, with the solution being that they provide a refund instead of fixing the content and the audio aspects. Not all customers are getting a refund though, and Apple has not acknowledged the problem. More importantly, it’s not known whether the company is working to update the app or not.

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