Apple TV+ ‘Foundation’ show lead producer wants to release 80 episodes


David Goyer, lead producer and writer of the upcoming series ‘Foundation’ has recently shared his thoughts on the show and how he wants to make 80 episodes.


‘Foundation’ is based on the novels by Isaac Asimov and tells the story of a group that went on a journey to rebuild civilization and save humanity post-Galactic Empire. It’s been revealed that most of the shots will be done in Malta as it’s similar to the show’s water planet setting. Goyer has discussed that he and his crew can tell the story ‘over the course of 80 hours as opposed to a single film of a few hours.

There are only a handful of shows on Apple TV+ that have been slated for a second and third season, including Ted Lasso, Servant, For All Mankind and Dickinson.

‘Foundation’ is expected to arrive on Apple TV+ in the fall season of 2021 and will have ten episodes at launch.

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