Apple TV HD enters vintage list


Apple officially added the Apple TV HD with the original Siri Remote to its vintage product list on June 30.

Apple TV HD

The Apple TV HD first debuted in 2015 and came with a Siri Remote. The remotes that don’t have a white ring around the ‘menu’ button are the only ones that are considered ‘vintage’. Apple had the white ring on the ‘menu’ button in 2017, meaning that the device may enter the list several years later.

Apple’s vintage product list contains items that have passed the 5-year sale mark. They are not eligible for repairs on Apple Authorized Service Providers or Apple Stores.

To clarify, Apple TV HD models with the white ring (the first gen remote) and silver with trackpad (second generation remote) are not yet in the vintage classification.

It’s believed that Apple will be launching a new Apple TV this year, according to Ming Chi Kuo.

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