Apple TV+ NFL Sunday Ticket talks extended

Apple and the NFL have not reached an agreement to bring the NFL Sunday Ticket to its streaming platform.

Roger Gooddell, NFL commissioner, said that negotiations have reached ‘critical point’, and it seems that Apple is will be the recipient of the deal. Originally, a fall launch was planned but both companies have not decided on the final terms.


Goodell mentioned that there isn’t any timeline, and that the league’s decision will be based on ‘getting the best outcome for the best party’.

According to Sportico, the trickiest part was the Sunday Ticket pricing. Initially, Apple wanted the games to be part of its $ 6.99-a-month service, but NFL balked at the idea and wanted to protect both Fox and CBS’s interests. It’s worth noting that both networks will be paying the NFL $40 billion to get the 2023 rights.

Other streaming companies, including Amazon and Disney, have expressed interest in Sunday Ticket.