Apple TV+ ‘Prehistoric Planet’ Premieres in LA


Apple recently hosted a premiere showing of its upcoming documentary series ‘Prehistoric Planet’.

Prehistoric Planet

‘Prehistoric Planet’ is a natural history series that documents surprising and little-known dinosaur life in a Cretaceous period setting.

Apple hosted a premiere event at the AMC Century City IMAX Theatre, with producer Tim Walker, Dr. Darren Naish, executive producers Mike Gunton and Jon Favreau in attendance, alongside music composers Kara Talve and Anze Rozman and animation leads Andrew Jones and Adam Valdez.

‘Prehistoric Planet’ is set to become available on Apple TV+ starting May 23, with new episodes appearing daily until May 27.

The docuseries will feature original music by Hans Zimmer and narration by famed figure Sir David Attenborough. The series combines state of the art technology and wildlife filmmaking to tell its story.

‘Prehistoric Planet’ was originally announced in May 2019 and is set to be available to Apple TV+ subscribers. The streaming service costs $4.99 a month.

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