Apple TV+ releases behind-the-scenes video of ‘Tehran’ season two


A new behind-the-scenes video for the second season of ‘Tehran’ has been uploaded on the official Apple TV+ YouTube channel.


The trailer starts with the cast members revealing what’s ahead for their characters in the spy thriller series’ second season, with an emphasis on the daily lives of people living in Tehran and the ongoing conflict in the region.

Niv Sultan returns in ‘Tehran’ season two and must face the consequences of a botched mission. She intended to flee the country but then stayed to combat the current regime. Glenn Close joins the members as an undercover psychiatrist who tries to get close to an enemy through a client.

‘Tehran’ began showing on Apple TV+ in September 2020 and won an Emmy for Best Drama Series. The complete first season is available to watch on Apple’s streaming platform, while the second season is set to show starting May 6 with the first two episodes.

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