Apple TV+ scraps ‘Metropolis’ due to writers’ strike and economic headwinds

Production for upcoming Apple TV+ series ‘Metropolis’ is shutting down permanently.

The production crew for ‘Metropolis’ has been notified by UCP, saying that they will be shut down due to writers’ strike and economic headwinds. Since the strike went live on May 2 the show experienced delays, as well as issues with casting, budgets, and script drafting. The production studio also notified Apple TV+ regarding the status of the show.


‘Metropolis’ is an adaptation of the 1927 film of the same name, with production set in Australia. The show was supposed to have eight episodes and create approximately 4,000 jobs in the country. The creator, Sam Esmail, has pushed for the show to be recreated, but it seems that this will be delayed. The writers’ strike has also caused issues with production of Apple TV+ shows ‘Severance’ and ‘Loot’.

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