Apple TV+ series ‘Little America’ will be getting a podcast

Lee Eisenberg, creator of the upcoming Apple TV+ series ‘Little America’ reveals that the show will have a podcast. In an interview with Forbes, Eisenberg says that the podcast will act as an accompaniment that gives its viewers more details about its music and stories. Furthermore, there will be episodic playlists and a book as well.

It looks like the rumors about Apple creating original podcasts for Apple TV+ content is true. In 2019, it was believed that the Cupertino-based company has asked podcast creators for their ideas on how to add podcasts on Apple TV+. Furthermore, Apple has approached Apple TV+ content creators and asked them to make podcasts about their shows.

Little America on Apple TV+

Little America podcast release date

There’s no date on when the podcasts for ‘Little America’ will be released. The show’s first season is already on Apple TV+ and now available to watch.

Apple TV+ costs $4.99 a month and has a free 7-day trial.