Apple TV+ ‘Servant’ creators sued by ‘The Truth About Emanuel’ director


Francesca Gregorini, director of the 2013 movie ‘The Truth About Emanuel‘ has recently filed a lawsuit targeting ‘Servant‘ director M. Night Shyamalan and Apple.

Apple TV+ Servant vs The Truth About Emanuel

Servant vs The Truth About Emanuel

Gregorini claims that ‘Servant’ was similar to her film in terms of cinematic language, movie plot, theme, mood, and feeling. Moreover, Gregorini says that the two have parallel plots and that they have the same directional choices, scenes, characters, and storytelling. ‘The Truth About Emanuel’ is about a babysitter who’s tasked with caring for a doll a couple bought when they lost their baby.

The Truth About Emanuel Trailer

As stated, Gregorini wanted to be compensated for the damages and is seeking an injunction to stop ‘Servant’ from being shown. Apple has referred Gregorini to Shyamalan’s lawyer for further inquiries regarding the matter.

Servant Trailer


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