Apple TV+ show ‘Ted Lasso’ gains viewer high in April

Nielsen ratings company research claims ‘Ted Lasso’ has hit a viewership high in just a single week.

Variety reported that ‘Ted Lasso’ came in sixth place in the streaming top ten during the week of April 24 to 30, logging in approximately 800 million minutes. The other five spots were all taken by Netflix, with the number one being ‘The Diplomat’ by Debora Cahn and starring Keri Russell.

Ted Lasso

‘Ted Lasso’ is nearing the season 3 finale, and it’s worth noting that the episode ‘The Strings That Bind Us’ was the latest in the week mentioned. The figure is believed to be Apple TV+ show’s highest yet. Although all signs point to the series ending at the third season, it’s rumored that there will be spinoffs in the works.

‘Ted Lasso’ is available to watch on the Apple TV+ platform. The service costs $6.99 a month and features original shows such as ‘See’ and ‘Servant’.