Apple TV+ series ‘Shrinking’ will have a second season.


‘Shrinking’ is a comedy series by the same creators as Apple TV+ popular hit ‘Ted Lasso’. The show tells the story of a grieving psychiatrist who decides to change his approach to dealing with patients. ‘Shrinking’ stars Harrison Ford and Jason Segel and only has two episodes to go before the end of season one.

Apple TV+ programming head Matt Cherniss said that they ‘can’t wait’ for viewers to see the second season and what the creative team and cast have in store. Critics have called it ‘one of the funniest shows in 2023’, with Cherniss saying that ‘it has been wonderful to watch’. Episode eight is set to go live on Friday, and there are only two more episodes until the show reaches its conclusion.

Apple TV+ costs $6.99 a month and features original content, including ‘Blackbird’ and ‘Severance’.


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