Apple TV+ subscribers to get refunds through June 2021


Apple has recently sent out emails to its Apple TV+ subscribers, telling them that they will be receiving a $4.99 refund up until June this year.

Apple TV+

The Cupertino-based company recently extended its free trial on January 15 to allow users to enjoy new seasons from the shows that went live at launch. Those who signed up for the free trial on November 2019 and until June 2020 last year will get five months’ worth of Apple TV+ for free.

Some users have moved from the free trial to paying $4.99 a month. However, since the trial period was extended they will be receiving a credit to pay for the service, essentially making it free. The credit may be used in the App Store for services or purchases.

Apple will be crediting month-to-month users as well as those who signed up for one year. Even those who are getting it from their Apple One bundle will receive a refund.

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