Apple has acquired the license for ‘Strange Planet’, a popular webcomic series featuring blue aliens.

Strange Planet

‘Strange Planet’ tells the story of aliens undertaking daily tasks but using an alien terminology as they communicate with each other. The comic’s creator, Nathan Pyle will be serving as the executive producer alongside Dan Harmon.

The webcomic series will be transformed into an animated series with the help of Apple Studios and ShadowMachine, an animation studio. Amalia Levari will serve as the showrunner, while ShadowMachine is known for their work on ‘Bojack Horseman’.

Dan Harmon is known for his work in ‘Rick and Morty’, an animated series that’s popular on Netflix. Launch date of ‘Strange Planet’ is unknown, and no other details have been shared.

‘Strange Planet’ joins ‘Central Park’ as an Apple TV+ animated series. Apple TV+ costs $4.99 a month and features Apple originals such as ‘Ted Lasso’, ‘For All Mankind’ and ‘The Morning Show’, among others.


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