Apple TV+ unveils preview of 2023 and upcoming content

Apple has recently uploaded a new video showing upcoming shows and movies for its streaming service, Apple TV+. The video, titled “Apple TV+ Winter 2022 & Beyond Official Preview,” is just a minute long and features short clips from various series.

The video begins with a caption from Entertainment Magazine, saying “Apple TV+ consistently produces some of the best entertainment of the modern era.”

Apple TV+

The video then shows existing and popular shows and movies, such as “CODA” and “Ted Lasso,” before revealing those that will be “coming at a later date,” including “Wool,” “Tetris,” “Masters of the Air,” “Ghosted,” and more.

Apple TV+ costs $6.99 a month and offers original Apple content and films. The new preview video is a promotion for the streaming service, giving viewers a glimpse of what to expect in the future.