Earlier it was reported that Apple has now got the right to make the film adaptation of the graphic novel “Snow Blind” which will star Jake Gyllenhall.

Apple TV+

According to the report by Deadline, there was a very competitive six-way bidding war for the film. There are no exact details for how much Apple won the film adaptation. It is reported that the film will be directed by Gustav Möller and will be written by Patrick Ness.

It is the thrilling graphic novel written by Tyler Jenkins and Ollie Masters. The story is about a high school teenager Teddy. He lives in Alaska when his life turns upside down once he posts his dad’s photo online. He then learns that his entire family is in a witness protection program. There is a man who enters the town seeking revenge.

 This new thriller Snow Blind will be Apple Studio’s third adaptation. Apple Studios is currently developing “Killers of the Flower Moon” starring Martin Scorsese and “Emancipation,” with Will Smith. Apple always tries to adapt to the various novels and then release them on AppleTV+.


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