Apple TV+ ‘Wolfwalkers’ Animated Feature Trailer Revealed

Apple has outed its official trailer for its first animated film called ‘Wolfwalkers’. The video can be viewed on the official Apple TV+ YouTube channel and is about two minutes long.

‘Wolfwalkers’ is hand-drawn and made by Ross Stewart and directed by Tomm Moore. The animated film is set in Ireland during the 17th century, where magic and superstitions are deeply embedded in Irish folklore.

Robyn Goodfellowe sets out on a mission with her father to wipe out the wolves. En route, Robyn (voiced by Honor Kneafsey) meets Mebh, a free spirited girl (voiced by Eva Whittaker) and introduces her to a shape-shifting tribe.

Moore mentioned in an interview with Variety that ‘Wolfwalkers‘ was inspired by organic, Art Nouveau styling. He also said how they spent time looking at Pictish markings and tattoos to reveal how the wolfwalkers lived a long time.

‘Wolfwalkers’ will be the first animated feature in the Apple TV+ platform. It will be available to watch December 11.

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