Greyhound, written by and starring Tom Hanks enjoys record numbers in terms of opening-weekend release on the Apple TV+ platform.

Apple TV's

Tom Hank’s Greyhound, which debuted last Friday has attracted a huge audience, 30 percent of which were new to Apple TV+. The exact numbers aren’t known but it’s been compared to a box office hit in movie and theatre aspects.

Greyhound is a WWII story about a first-time captain and Navy veteran (portrayed by Tom Hanks himself) who has been assigned a mission to protect 37 ships carrying supplies and solders across the Atlantic. Here, the captain must navigate through treacherous waters and battle Nazi forces with no air cover.

The story is inspired by a real life event known as ‘the Battle of the Atlantic’. Other Hollywood stars who portrayed roles in the movie include Elisabeth Shue, Rob Morgan and Stephen Graham. The movie is produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment and in association with FilmNation Entertainment, Sycamore Pictures, Zhengfu Pictures and Bron Creative.


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