Bundesliga in discussion with Apple TV+

World Soccer Talk has reported that Apple TV+ is currently in discussion to acquire streaming rights for Bundesliga games.

ESPN has rights to Bundesliga in the US until the 2026/27 season, but now it seems that Apple will be taking over once the contract is finished. The Bundesliga is the professional association football league in Germany and is known for the FC Bayern Munich team. ESPN’s agreement with Bundesliga is said to be $30 million per year and will conclude in the 25/26 season. Furthermore, the league’s contract with DAZN, a Canadian firm is believed to expire in 2026 as well.

Apple TV+

After the streaming rights acquisition, Apple might bring the sports content globally and for all Apple TV+ subscribers. World Soccer Talk cites unnamed sources that Apple and Bundesliga discussions are in the preliminary phase and nothing has been concluded yet. Both parties have yet to announce anything via a press release.