Comedy series ‘The Big Door Prize’ to arrive on Apple TV+

Apple has recently secured the rights to the show ‘The Big Door Prize’ as it outbid other competitors.

‘The Big Door Prize’ is a comedy series based on the bestselling novel by M.O. Walsh. David West Read will be the executive producer and writer for the upcoming show, with a promise of 10 episodes running half an hour each.

Apple TV+

‘The Big Door Prize’ is about Deerfield, Louisiana residents who discover a magical photo booth that can tell the person’s destiny. Soon, everybody wants in and changes their course to pursue destinies such as being athletes, cowboys and magicians. The book’s main characters, Douglas Hubbard and wife Cherilyn grow curious and try their own hand at changing their life despite being perfectly happy.

Skydance Television is the creator of ‘The Big Door Prize’, who’s also working on the upcoming sci-fi series ‘Foundation’. It’s based on the popular books from author Isaac Asimov.