Disney+ and Apple TV+ to Join Fire TV on November 12

After the launch of Apple TV+, Disney+ is next to make an appearance. Bob Iger, Disney CEO has said that the streaming platform will be available on Fire TV on November 12.

Disney has confirmed that they will be making Disney+ content viewable on Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV and other devices. Before, Fire TV wasn’t mentioned as there were reports of a dispute in ad space, but now it has been resolved.

It makes business sense to make Apple TV+ content on third party platforms, and the Cupertino-based company echoes this sentiment by making the service available on smart TVs, Roku, Fire TV and other devices.

It’s not clear whether Disney will support Apple TV channels, but if this is the case then you’ll be able to watch Disney TV+ on Mac, tvOS, iOS and iPadOS.

Disney TV+ will have a monthly subscription cost of $6.99 per month.

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