Disney+ will have a dedicated app for iOS, Apple TV

Disney has revealed additional details regarding their streaming subscription service, which will be launched on November 12 for a monthly fee of $6.99.

The company says that there will be an app Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone owners can download to access the service. There’s also an option to subscribe within the Apple TV app, from which Apple gets 15 to 30 percent commission on revenue.

Disney Plus Apple TV

Apple TV users will be able to see the available shows when they open the TV app on macOS, iOS, and tvOS. Tapping into Disney selections will redirect the user to the Disney+ app.

Disney+ will have a dedicated app for iOS, Apple TV

The Disney+ streaming entertainment service will encompass all of Disney’s properties, from Star Wars to Pixar and Marvel. It’s set to begin on November 12 in Canada, the Netherlands, and the U.S.

Apple TV+ is set to be launched this fall. There’s no exact monthly fee yet, but the company is promoting the service by providing sneak peeks and footage from original shows.