Apple TV+ kid’s show ‘El Deafo’ utilizes a particular sound design, which conveys the concept of deafness to viewers.

El Deafo

‘El Deafo’ is an adaptation of Cece Bell’s graphic memoir, and Bell recently revealed in an online video that she wanted to make the sound design similar to how she experienced it when she was young.

Bell mentioned that readers could see the text in the graphic novel; however, in the show adaptation she wanted to convey how it was to have a hearing disability. She said that it was her childhood story and how she needed to adjust to sudden hearing loss.

Cece Bell’s commentary on El Deafo sound design can be viewed on the official Apple TV YouTube channel and is under 3 minutes in length.

‘El Deafo’ is available to watch on Apple TV+ for $4.99 a month. The family-friendly series consists of three parts and centers on an individual who’s hearing impaired.


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