‘Ferrari’ series heading to Apple TV+


Apple’s streaming platform will be having a new series based on Enzo Ferrari’s life.


The Apple TV+ series ‘Ferrari’ will be based on Luca Dal Monte’s biography ‘Ferrari Rex’, and will focus on a 5-year period in Ferrari’s life. The era between 1956 through 1961 was the time when Enzo had to rebuild his team in the face of a family tragedy.

‘Ferrari’ is created by Steven Knight and will be directed by Stefano Sollima. Paolo Sorrentino and Lorenzo Mieli are set to executive produce the series. ‘Ferrari’ will become the second supercar-themed series in the Apple TV+ platform, with the other a Formula One story and starring Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. The film will be shown in theaters for 30 days before appearing on Apple TV+.

‘Ferrari’ has no definitive release date and launch date yet as it was just ordered. Apple TV+ costs $4.99 a month and features original shows such as ‘See’, ‘Ted Lasso’ and ‘CODA’.

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