Apple original film ‘Finch’ has recently launched on the Apple TV+ platform, and a new behind-the-scenes video has appeared alongside it.


The 8-minute video has been shared by Apple and posted on its official YouTube channel, and shows the details that went into the making of the movie. Some of the topics include filming, costume design and how the main character’s robot was made.

‘Finch’ is a movie that tells the story of a man, his dog and a robot as they make their way across a post-apocalyptic world. It’s also the second Apple TV+ film where Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has made his appearance, with the first being ‘Greyhound’.

‘Finch – Behind the Scenes’ is now available to watch on the official Apple TV+ YouTube channel. The original film can be viewed on the Apple TV+ platform for $4.99 a month, alongside exclusive content such as ‘Swagger’, ‘Defending Jacob’ and ‘CODA’, among others.


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