Apple TV+ exclusive series ‘For All Mankind’ is now available to watch for free, albeit at a limited time.

For All Mankind

‘For All Mankind’ is a sci-fi themed show that reveals an alternate reality where the space race didn’t end, and Russia was the first country to put a man on the moon. The series continued with the development of space tech, with season three focusing on man attempting to colonize Mars.

‘For All Mankind’ won Emmy awards and is now on its third season, which premiered June 10. The official Twitter account posted that the first season is free to watch on the Apple TV app, although they did not say until when. Those interested can watch the entire season without needing to sign up for a free trial or paying a monthly fee.

Apple TV+ costs $4.99 a month and features original Apple content, such as ‘Pachinko’, ‘Ted Lasso’ and ‘Greyhound’, just to name a few.


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