Fox Now App drops 3rd gen Apple TV support

The Fox Now app has officially ended its support on the 3rd gen Apple TV devices. It’s now compatible with Apple’s 4th gen set top boxes and later.

3rd gen Apple TV owners may find that the app no longer works, and that the app is removed from the home screen. As is the case, on demand content such as sports and TV shows, as well as Fox live and others are no longer available to view.

Fox Now App

Fox Now recently announced that it will no longer support 3rd gen Apple TVs beginning June 17. It joins apps and brands CBS, YouTube and more.

Those who own a 3rd gen Apple TV set top box can continue to access the content on their iPad and iPhone and through the Fox Now app on the App Store. TV shows, sports and broadcast may be streamed onto the Apple TV box via the AirPlay feature.