Game Streaming Platform Twitch Headed to Apple TV

Game streaming site Twitch has recently released a public beta app for the Apple TV and encourages users to try it before going live.

Twitch on Apple TV

Twitch has had a Mac, PC and iOS app before, but it’s the first time that it will release one for the Apple TV. The app will have the usual features and functionalities as its desktop and iOS cousins, including watching pre-recorded videos and on-screen chat.

Individuals who are interested may sign up for the public beta by installing the TestFlight app on their iPad or iPhone, then install it on their Apple TV. Choose the TestFlight Twitch link and follow on-screen instructions.

The live streaming company adds that public beta testers should use the Apple TV app as they would normally, encouraging exploration, watching and trying different features and settings. Once they encounter a bug or a glitch, or if the app crashes, they can send feedback so the developers could fix it.

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