Germany customers can now get Apple TV 4K devices thru GigaTV

Vodafone GigaTV subscribers in Germany can now opt to get the Apple TV 4K device as an alternative and without having to pay extra.

Vodafone is currently the biggest TV provider in Germany, and currently offers GigaTV, a streaming service that costs 19.99 euros per month. First time customers can get the discounted rate at 9.99 euros for 6 months.

Both new and existing GigaTV customers can get the Apple TV 4K as a loan device for the duration of the contract period. The GigaTV app can be downloaded at the App Store and use other features as they want.

Vodafone is also offering Apple TV 4K addons for 10 euros each per month instead of traditional set top boxes. The trend continues within the cable service niche- in 2019 Charter started offering Apple TV 4K for both its internet and TV subscribers for $7.50 per month.

Apple TV is Apple’s streaming device and can be used to access the Apple TV+ service. 

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