HBO Max app for Apple TV to undergo an overhaul

The HBO Max app for Apple TV is expected to get an overhaul this year, according to a report and confirmation by an executive from WarnerMedia.

The Apple TV app has performed rather poorly since it was launched on the platform. Users have had several complaints about it, and it seems that WarnerMedia is taking steps to fix these concerns.

HBO Max App

HBO Max used its own software instead of the tvOS API. Some of the issues users are encountering include not being able to rewind or fast forward, closed captioning glitches and non-responsive Siri prompts.

An executive of WarnerMedia said a ‘completely rebuilt’ HBO Max app is set to be launched across all set-top boxes and smart TVs. The intent is to ‘replace every single connected TV app’ in about 4 to 5 months’ time.

Further details show that the revamped app will be arriving on Playstation and Roku first, then the Apple TV and similar devices. Web and mobile versions are set to be overhauled by the beginning of next year.