HBO Max users experience Apple TV 4K playback error

Apple TV 4K owners are reporting playback issues when watching HBO Max.

Those who watch on HBO Max using their Apple TV 4K are experiencing playback issues, according to The Verge. A pop-up message says ‘can’t play title’ whenever they choose content within the app.

Apple TV 4K

The problem occurs widely on all Apple TV 4K generations with tvOS 16.1, and the latest version of the HBO Max app (52.50.1), which was released to the public on November 16.

Some say that the error was only temporary, while others have said that they were unable to watch anything at all. Solutions range from logging out, reinstalling, restarting their devices, and force quitting, among others.

Chris Willard, HBO communications SVP said that the company is working on a fix which will come as an update. Customer support suggests two possible solutions- turning off HDR support and changing from 4K resolution to HD.